The following table summarises the main documentation and products that will be delivered by the Project. Once each deliverable has been approved it will be made available by clicking on the links below.

ID Name and Description Download
D1.1 State-of-the-art Technical Note (TN-1) SPICE_ESA_SEOM_SR_01
D1.2 Requirements Baseline (RB) SPICE_ESA_SEOM_RB_02
D1.3 Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) UL_ESA_SEOM_SPICE_ATBD_v2.1
D1.4 Processing Options Configuration Control Document (POCCD) UL_ESA_SEOM_SPICE_POCCD_v2.3
D2.1 Input/Output Description Document (IODD) UL_ESA_SEOM_SPICE_IODD_v2.4
D2.3 Product Specification Document (PSD)  
D2.4 Product Validation Plan (PVP) SPICE_ESA_SEOM_PVP
D2.5 Product Validation Report (PVR) SPICE_ESA_SEOM_PVR
D2.9 Output Products  
D2.10 Prototype Algorithms and related data and files  
D5 Technical Report: “Radar wave interaction with the snowpack” CLS-SPA-18-023_TechnicalNote_SPICE_WP5
D3.1 Scientific Roadmap SPICE_ESA_SEOM_SRM_3.1